Grazaino Borgonovo
Arturo Cattaneo

The present collection of the principal canonical writings of Eugenio Corecco on constitutional canon law flows from the desire to honor the memory of the founder and first Grand Chancellor of the Theological Faculty of Lugano. The rapid development of this academic center and the equally rapid full recognition of the Holy See were possible above all due to the notable commitment which he dedicated to it. His enterprising spirit, vast academic experience, and lively desire to serve the Church, impelled him in an undertaking whose horizons go well beyond the local level.
At the same time, we hope that this collection will offer to the international academic world a valid tool for a deeper study of the varied and original insights of Corecco. For more than twenty years, in fact, he had thrown himself into canonical research, confronting nearly all the principal themes of Ecclesial Law with the desire of promoting the necessary scientific renewal, always in an attitude of fidelity to the Magisterium, and in a particular way to that of the last Council.
The usefulness of this collection of works derives from the fact that a good part of the most important and innovative insights of our Author are contained in numerous articles, many of which are found in journals and collective works that are difficult to find.
Corecco’s essays bear on two great themes: the epistemological question of canon law and of constitutional law. The fact that a synthesis of Corecco’s contributions on the first theme have already been published in English (The Theology of Canon Law. A Methodological Question, Pittsburgh 1992), whereas only a small part of his articles on the other theme have been published in English, has determined the choice of the articles that compose the present collection. Of the 15 articles that we have selected, only five existed in an English translation. These are articles 7, 24, 25, 54 and 58, according to the numeration of the complete bibliography of Corecco. The ten articles that have been translated from the original Italian correspond, in the same list, to the numbers 23, 44, 48, 53, 61, 70, 73, 75, 86 and 87.
The articles appear in chronological order. We have preferred to follow this criterion to make it easier for the reader to appreciate the maturation of ideas on the part of the author.
We have given a unitary typographical treatment to the text, but the original form of the articles has been maintained, even in those notes which indicate a work «in preparation», which has now already been published. In the bibliography of Corecco we have only included his works concerning canon law, while indicating those that have been translated into other languages.
Our deepest gratitude goes to the sister of Eugenio Corecco, Stefania, with her husband Roland Kühni. Their support and bountiful contribution has been decisive for the realization of the present work.